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스크린샷 2018-07-25 오후 5.07.03.png

SungWoo Lee

The 11th Grumiaux international Violin competition 1st  Prize (cat.A)

The 23rd International Competition of Bohdan Warchal in Playing the bow-string Instruments 1st Prize

The 1st  Vienna international music competition

Silver medal (Strings /Young Artists)

The 47th  NanPa Violin Conpetiton 2nd Prize

The 16th GeukDong Violin Compeition 1st Prize

The 28th HanEum Violin Competiton 1st PrizeThe 

The 52nd Musical Educational Nespaper Competiton 1st Prize

The 25th Seongjung Music Copetiton 3rd Prize

The 18 Strad Violin Compeition 3rd Prize  

The 29th  Musical Journal Violin Compeition 1st Prize 

The 1st China-Korea Internationa yong Talented Musicians Gala Concert

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